Our services

- Online Platform building

- Social Media Platform

- Product development

- Project management

- OEM outsourcing

When to use the services ?

- If you are about to market a new product

- If you want a digital partner on marketing and manufacturing

- If you want to develop new products

- If you need to find Trading Channels for your products


What we do for you ?

Online Platform building:

Website and Mobile App are essentail elements for modern marketers. We provide the e-platform building services for your digital Marketing programs.

Social Media Platform:

Facebook, Instagram, WeChat... We provide Social Media management services on different platform. From planning to contents, we offer the solutions to suit the marketing needs.

Product design:

We use our resources and our expert product designer network to allocate them working on your product design. Our product designer will help to design, correct, improve and optimize your products.

Preparing and reviewig technical specifications:

While the development phasis for your new product, we can help you by reviewing your technical requirements.

Being "the bridge" between your offshore facility and the china manufacturer:

We lead the project from head to toe on the whole process manufacturing in China. We report and do the bridge between your product development team and the local chinese manufacturing sub-contractor.

Brand channels matching

Our network from production to retail channels. We connect our clients to expand the sales channels.

Intellectual property:

We manage the whole process related intellectual protection in case our client would like we handle it. For example, the product copyright and registration.


Our Partners

Wittech Company Limited


Polar Electro HK Ltd

Pierre Cardin HK

Smartgo WorldWide Inc

Watsons HK

Princess Traveller


Clas Ohlson


Conrad HK

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